1. Pressurization Controls – We  retrofitted existing air distribution systems to include variable frequency drives, temperature, humidity, and pressure monitoring to achieve areas pressurization on emergency basis.
  2. Air Filtration – New air filtration techniques such as UV lights and Bipolar Ionization Systems to improve indoor air quality of facilities.

  3. Indoor Air Quality – New and retrofit solutions to accommodate air changes and outside air requirements in certain areas of their buildings.

We specialize in providing turnkey solutions in building automation, automatic temperature controls, systems integrations etc. for our customers in New York & New Jersey areas. Our experienced Engineers, Programmers, System Specialists, and Installers will work to provide complete satisfaction in all projects.

Over the past years we have designed and build projects of various budgets, sizes, and complexities in areas such as Health & Hospitals, Educational Facilities, Housing, Large & Small Commercial Facilities, Labs, and Historical Places etc.

On average a commercial facility annually wastes approximately a quarter of energy it consumes for its operations. We provide turn-key energy conservation solutions that lower energy costs, improve quality, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

We can collaborate with your team to review existing infrastructure and design custom energy-efficient solutions for your facility which can help you reduce energy consumption and utility costs.

Looking for cost-effective solutions, try our parts and smarts services. We will provide controls engineering drawings, wiring diagrams, programming, graphics, training, and parts like controllers, sensors, actuators, etc. package and you provide the rest such as installation and field coordination.   

We have completed hundreds of projects as parts and smarts for many clients in New York area over the past several years and would like to partner with you for automation needs on your projects. Contact us to learn more about this program.

Our team has successfully retrofitted hundreds of non-functional and outdated control systems in several facilities over the past years. We can provide customized solutions for your existing pneumatic and electrical control systems retrofit with minimal downtime of systems during the implementation of new controls.

Contact us to evaluate your existing system and propose customized solutions for your facility.

We provide standard and custom control panels for building automation projects. Panels include systems control panels, pump control panels, motor control panel, leak detection alarm panels etc. 


We provide following automation and energy conservation services all under one roof. Please contact us to learn more.

  • Engineering

  • Installation

  • Maintenance

  • Smart Solutions

  • Trainings


  • Hardware Engineering & Design

  • Systems Integration

  • Programming

  • Systems Engineering Consulting

  • Parts and Smarts Solutions

  • Customized Graphics Design


  • Turnkey Automation Solutions

  • Plans & Specs

  • Design & Build

  • Retrofit Control Solutions

  • Systems Analysis & Reporting

  • Energy Audits & Reporting


  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Emergency Service
  • Re-Programming
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Systems Commissioning
  • Energy Metering & Reporting

Smart Solutions

  • Energy Conservation Solutions

  • Rebates and Incentives for Energy Solutions

  • Central Plant Optimization

  • IOT Solutions

  • Parts and Smarts Solutions


  • Software Training

  • System Specific Training

  • Control Systems Training

  • Training on Customer Sites

Implemented Solutions

We provide automation and energy efficient solutions for various building systems. Contact us for more details.

Our Projects

We have successfully completed hundreds of automation projects over the past few years. See below few projects we have built or currently working on.


Any successful project is a result of teamwork. We have fostered healthy relationships with leaders in automation industry to provide best possible solutions for out clients.

+100 Clients

+1000 Completed Projects

+50 Years Team Experience

+10000 Controllers Installed

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